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Jonathan L-N

Jonathan is the Managing Director and Visionary at LaytonMelville, he co-founded the company with Christopher M-R. Jonathan's background includes a postgraduate degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Cape Town, consulting for a number of established companies and start ups as well as a chef qualification. He continues to lead the team and drive innovation in the human strategy space.

Cameron C

Cameron is a Consultant currently finishing his Master's degree in Organisational Psychology at UCT. He has worked in both South Africa and Australia in large corporates. He also has experience working with high-end hospitality clients. He brings a strong knowledge base and analytical approach.  

Marilia R-C

Marilia is a Junior Consultant at LaytonMelville. She comes from a background in technology and medicine but is currently completing a degree in Organisational Psychology. She has corporate experience having worked for a number of businesses both in South Africa and Brazil.