We facilitate a situation where everyone knows what they’re doing in the company and where they’re going. This is vital!
— Jonathan L-N

Human Capital Consulting

So what do we do? Well, while most businesses solve problems - we anticipate possible challenges and collaborate to preempt any. The people within a business are the greatest asset but only if there is definitive alignment among what the business owner thinks the company does, what the team thinks and what is actually facilitated by the business. The strategy of each must be similar otherwise goals are aimless and people are discontent. 

So how do we do this? Through asking the right questions at the start thus building a genuine insight into your business. This is done through conducting a complimentary 'Quo Analysis' to assess where the business is at that moment in time. With that base we then look at material interventions as well as more abstract ones. These include:

  • Understanding and communicating Organisational Culture
  • Developing a specific and relevant performance management system
  • Creating a Team Handbook 
  • Handling Change Management 
  • Implementing policies and procedures

Talent Sourcing

We are not a recruitment agency. 

Well, not in the typical sense. We view talent sourcing as a holistic task where genuine insight into each client is vital. We spend time meeting with you and assessing the type of person that will be a lasting asset. Our approach is sometimes lengthier than an agency but we do not push candidates - rather we select one or two that are sure to succeed. The process goes from drafting an accurate job specification to helping onboard the new colleague.

Auxililary Services

Part of our service is giving you access to our network of highly skilled individuals. However, we do not simply refer you to an expert rather we work with them. This gives greater context and insight, and undoubtably a better result. These services include:

  • Training and Development interventions
  • Psychometric testing and evaluation
  • Labour law and labour relations advice
  • Background and credit checks 
  • Creative services